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User interface is nice and easy to handle just convert url.

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Allows custom URLs easy to customize your links and manage them.

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Mask your regular traffic with social or search engine traffic.

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Easy user interface to handle all your converted links and others.


Your converted links are securely stored without any footprints, Used for CPA, PPV, PPC ETC.,

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This is really amazing i have just converted my normal traffic to social and search engine traffic.

- Nadia S. Riley
SEO Marketing

User interface is really simply to handle good job guys.I am going to place order for my clients too.

- Peter S. Beckley
Web Designer

Affordable price and i have increased my search engine rankings with this services really thanks.

- Sarah R. Stec
Web Designer

About Us

Advanced Online Link Masking Urls Platform - Convert Your Source Traffic !

Do you want your URLs to be protected from being revealed to fraudsters and other harmful threats? Or are you suffering from sudden website traffic drops?
Link masking is your ultimate weapon against the fraudulent! As the name suggests, we mask your links, in order to protect them from being exploited by fraudulent sites.
You can rank your website with Link Masking, which converts your traffic to social traffic or search engine. Regardless of your career field, whether a social media blogger, affiliate marketer, or a social maven, Link Masking provides you with the services to manage your links. It converts our lengthy web address into concise links, as in making it shorter. Our security and website admin experts guarantee that Link Masking is secure and legitimate. You can use Link Masking to share your links on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more! The number of characters may control the number of shares (of the link) made by the users who wish to share the link(s).
How Do We Do It
We are also a popular security firm on the internet because we provide link masking concealing the links from being exploited by harmful and dangerous fraudulent sites. When the question or doubt of website authenticity rises, you can visit our website (LinkMasking.com) and use the real-time updated techniques to protect your site and networks.
We use different scripts, programs, and even online services that are used to hide then referred links. Making campaigns, setting up rules and use the best ways and essential landing pages and so on, are also done by Link Masking.
This application allows you to hide your link along with its information on traffic from the people interested in it from the affiliate networks. Link masking also views your domains, which you have specified as one for hiding your link. Moreover, we also provide you with a function called “Funnel,” which also hides and works to keep your link or URL hidden.
But that is not it, and we provide a free checker for a backlink that generates data points, where you can see and examine your link mask profiles. Equipped with advance and modern, we provide fantastic web services. With our technology, we have created a feature of creating customized links, which is mentioned in detail in the next topic under “...features...”.
Talking about our team, they consist of well experienced excel engineers with tears of experience who have the ability to keep up with the expectations and networks for the top providers. We are also comprised of talented individuals who are inclined towards providing our customers to improve our website traffic. Moreover, we guarantee clean traffic, which makes it easier to protect your safety and security.
They are easily downloadable and can be used on Android and iOS devices. This is possible because we strictly adhere to our privacy policy with no connection and activity logs.
What are the features that make them different from other service providers? The six highlighting features are:
- A 24-hour, 7-day customer support system, which will help you out whenever you have any issues or problems.
- Our well-organized user interface consists of simple designs that make the user interface easy to use and convert URLs.
- It comes with a customizing feature that allows us to create custom URLs and links easily and manage them.
- We have an incredible website SEO feature that masks your regular local traffic or social traffic.
- In order to handle your converted links and others, our responsive designs, as in our user-friendly interface, help you to do so.
- The links that are converted are stored securely without leaving any trails for potential threats to creep in or footprints, which are used for PPC, CPS, PPV, and so on.
When we talk about why you should choose our services for masking your links, we have over 1,000 customers, more than 100 customers who returned to use our services again, 500 positive and happy customers, and more than 10 000 visits.
We have a video regarding the use and details and the functions of our services and features, along with four detailed screenshots for preview.
From the given preview, we can see that country-wise stats and reports, data of the traffic, where we come from, the types, engagement from the viewers, pages, popular pages, and so on. We also show stats and reports from the “System,” which is which browser(s), platform, screen, and operating systems are put to use.
It is easy to manage and operate URLs and Links. You also have different actions that you can enforce different actions upon. You can also add the expiration dates for your links or URLs and also see the number of visits along with referrals, for example, Google.no, Instagram, etc.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing & Plans

per month
  • 5 Redirect URLs
  • 25k Traffic Allowed Monthly
  • Custom URLs
  • Traffic Flitering
  • Traffic Redirection
  • Link Expiration
  • Max Visits Limit
  • Free SSL
  • Custom Domain
per month
  • 15 Redirect URLs
  • 50k Traffic Allowed Monthly
  • Custom URLs
  • Traffic Flitering
  • Traffic Redirection
  • Link Expiration
  • Max Visits Limit
  • Free SSL
  • Custom Domain
per month
  • Unlimited Redirect URLs
  • 100k Traffic Allowed Monthly
  • Custom URLs
  • Traffic Flitering
  • Traffic Redirection
  • Link Expiration
  • Max Visits Limit
  • Free SSL
  • Custom Domain